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Hot Lunch Program

Hot lunches are provided to all 3/4 day and full-day Nursery children by Alphabet Kids Catering Company. As per Ministry of Education guidelines, our program consists of dietician-approved, kosher & nut-free meals, and are included in full-day fees. A menu will be provided for parents so they can be informed of what is being served.

Let us show you around.
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Alphabet Kids Catering

Alphabet Kids makes healthy, nutritionally-balanced meals that contain high fiber fruits, vegetables and whole grains, lean meats and low sodium, low fat options. This means that each day, your child will receive a delicious, fresh meal without the use of additives or preservatives.

Nut-Free Zone

Hillcrest is a 100% nut-free facility.

The number of children with food allergies is increasing. Our goal is to create a safe environment for all students and allergic children. Anaphylaxis is a life-threatening reaction to a specific allergen, most commonly peanuts, nuts, eggs and fish. Immediate medical attention is required.

All allergic students must have 2 epi-pens at school at all times. One is kept in the classroom with the student, and the other is kept in the office.

Our nut-free policy requires all birthday treats brought to the school be in their original packaging so we can confirm ingredients and any potential allergens. If any unsafe items are found, they will be discarded to avoid any potential allergic reactions.

We appreciate your cooperation in keeping Hillcrest a safe environment for all children.